First day back

This is the longest I’ve ever been away from home. So my exceptionally long flight from London to Hong Kong actually went by quickly, despite the lack of sleep. I even committed the most un-Hong Kong (or un-London) crime of all and spoke to the individual next to me, saying “Oh my god! I’m home!” as the plane came to a halt at our gate. 

After spending a good several hours with the family, I’ve realise how quickly we adapt to new situations. I forgot what it day-to-day was like in this space, how different everything seems to my new day-to-day rituals. I forgot the short temper that binds everyone together. A temper that evaporates as quickly as it appears, thankfully. But above all, I forgot all the laughter. Oh, all the laughter at all the stupid things. There are no jokes, just a range of laughter from giggles to hysterical laughter, just because of the one thing that doesn’t belong in the norm of the household. 

I had forgotten how terrified I am of my father, so thank you world for bringing that back, I obviously couldn’t have lived without that. I can’t wait for this holiday. I could write an entire screen play based around actual events of this holiday, and it would be a success – even though it hasn’t even started yet. 

Oh, the joy of family. 


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