Broke the world in half, hit rock bottom face first

tried and tried and tried to check all of the boxes to be simple, but complex person

to fit the contradictory mould we have created for ourselves.

You draw and paint and write and sing and dance

to show the fire in your heart

to show the passion in your expression

to show the uniqueness that is you.

Not realising there is only of you, and so many of us.

You have let 150 characters rule your life

perfected that question, you know which one

“describe yourself in three, five, words”

Innovative. Creative. Collaborative.

All the while your fiery hearts beats to the rhythms of

Insecure. Repressed. Lonely.

So you draw and paint and write and sing and dance. Hold your tongue. Fake it till you make it. Pretend and you will really feel that way.

9 ways to increase your confidence.

12 ways to love yourself again.

But none of those instructions tell you that out of everything your genes could have been, you were designed.

You’re artisan.

You’re custom-made,

or whatever the buzz word for that is these days.

You’re in war against yourself.

You’re in war against yourself while everyone else is fighting against you as well.

Hold your tongue.

Stand up straight.

Is that what you’re wearing?

What would Jesus say?

What would Beyonce do?

It’s okay to not know what you want to do. But you’re not allowed to do things we’ve labeled uncool. But if you do

we will either bully you

or on the rare occasion

call you


Maybe Brave.

But what if

you didn’t hold your tongue?

What if you started to

fight for yourself?

Don’t worry.

You’ll never run out of enemies.

You’ll never run out of

people who want to fight against you.

That fire you mistook for passion will die so you won’t be raging hot. You’ll be the breeze that you












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